Frequently Asked Questions. 

Q: What is the telephone number of Gretna Green registry office.

A: Telephone 01461 337648

(Please note: We make the wedding rings for your Gretna Green wedding, we do not arrange your wedding. You need to contact the registry office to do this.)

Q: How close are you to Gretna Green

A: We are in Carlisle about 20 minutes ride by car from Gretna Green.

Q; Do you deliver to any country in the world.

A: We have delivered to many countries over the years and most likely will send to yours. Just contact us for shipping charges.

Q: How quickly can you make your wedding rings.

A: Classic and our Gretna Green rings can be done in one to two weeks. Diamond set can be rushed in around three weeks. If you need something quick the best idea is to contact us first before placing your order.

Q: Do you have rings ready to collect in your workshop. 

A: Sorry no all my rings are made to order.

Q:  How do you work out your finger size.

A: We have a ring sizer if you live in the UK. Just send us an email with your name and address.   

Q: Do you engrave on your wedding rings.

A: Yes we do, See here for a list of our charges -